Should I set up a Self-Managed Super Fund?

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have continued in popularity, growing in numbers over the past several years. In June 2014 there were 520,000 SMSFs. These numbers increased to just under 600,000 in March 2019.

Whether or not a SMSF is the right superannuation set-up for you comes down to what you are wanting from your super and your capacity to manage your fund on a regular basis.

There are advantages and disadvantages in managing your own super and, depending on your circumstances, these can weigh more heavily on you than the next person.Continue reading

Allan Hansen | Brisbane financial advisor

How is your super (really) going?

There has been a spotlight on Superannuation recently, with revelations of misbehaviour by retail fund managers coming to light as a result of the Banking Royal Commission.

ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission) is looking into how deals are struck between employers and super funds in Australia, following a year in which default superannuation arrangements became a point of focus.Continue reading

Super is now easier for employees – who would have thought?

Did you know that all Australians are now eligible to make tax-deductible super contributions subject to an annual $25,000 cap?  Previously, only those with over 90% income from self-employment were eligible. 

This change to superannuation occurred last year but with focus on the new $1.6 million limit to all in the pension phase the relaxation of the eligibility rules for tax-deductible super contributions may have been overlooked.  These changes will appeal to many salaried people.Continue reading