Investment Management

We offer two different methods of investment management and, over time, clients have been known to swap between the two methods as their circumstances change.

Method One

Ongoing investment management of your portfolio in which we recommend using a ‘wrap’ Portfolio Service.

Our clients have appreciated the benefits, control, simplicity and transparency they have over their investments using this service, and have done so for many years.

Under this service you pay a regular ongoing fee based on a percentage of the assets managed, with minimal transaction or broking costs for  any transactions or charges to the portfolio. The ongoing percentage fee is stepped, typically reducing as the balance increases, and varies dependant on the type of fund. Please contact me for an indication of fees.

Method Two

Some clients choose to utilise a more ‘traditional’ transactional broking structure and handle all the paperwork themselves.

Here we recommend and build your investment portfolio, with the investments being directly registered to you. This method has no ongoing fees, so you only pay brokerage fees. These are 1% of your investment total, plus GST. Minimum of $75.

Method One (Portfolio Management)
Individualised annual tax report summarising all investments
Online access to your investment valuations and transactions
Confidence that your assets are being actively managed
Regular contact, with both formal and informal reviews conducted
Cash flow management monitored through a single cash account
Large reliable custodian/trustee holds
Beneficial ownership of each individual asset held by you
Reduced paperwork to manage
Ability to hold a wide range of direct shares
Method Two (Traditional Broking)
You keep all records and manage all paperwork
Corporate actions handled by you
Investment advice from arcinvest
Broking commission charged per transaction