Superannuation & Financial Planning

Carefully considered financial planning is important for all investors and a critical part of building wealth. The complexities of financial markets along with the ever-changing taxation and superannuation rules, social security and estate planning issues make receiving quality financial advice a necessity. We offer superannuation and financial planning to enable you to reach your financial goals the way you want to.

Planning for the future

Superannuation is your money set aside periodically throughout your life to allow you to save for retirement. Your super will often be your most valuable financial asset aside from your family home, and will likely be a major source of income sustaining your lifestyle in retirement.

Super is taxed favourably by the Government, making it a great way to growth your wealth to ensure a comfortable retirement. Your super can be held through an industry fund, a retail superannuation fund, a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), or a Wrap product which provides you with a lot of the benefits of a SMSF without taking on the trustee responsibilities.

SMSFs, or 'Wrap' portfolio services, give you the ability to invest directly in assets to tailor investments to suit your individual needs, effectively giving you more control. Tax planning and control over growth and income can be better personalised to your specific requirement.

Take the stress off of yourself and let arcinvest walk you through the different options to help you reach a decision on which superannuation structure is best for you. We can also then create a customised plan to make it as easy as possible for you, and to make the most of your super.

We can help you make the most of your super

Contact us for a complimentary discussion on your superannuation options and what the changes may mean for you. Allan Hanson is a fully certified financial practitioner.

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