arcinvest | Sustainable Investing

arcinvest are committed to finding ethical and sustainable investment options for your portfolio.

We take ethical investing very seriously, and always give care and consideration to the ethical, social and environmental implications of the businesses we choose to invest in for you.

arcinvest supports ethical investing by avoiding companies that have demonstrated:

  • Non-compliance with the appropriate regulations
  • Their dependency upon the destruction or wastage of non-renewable resources, for which viable alternatives exist, for their products or services
  • Causation of harmful and substantial environmental damage, which is not made good at the conclusion of the activity
  • They contribute to the serious inhibition of human rights
  • Fraudulent or deceitful advertising of products or activities

Importance of ethical investing

Growth in ethical investing is being driven by a new generation of investors who are aligning their investment values with their personal ones.

There’s a rising consciousness in the way people consume goods and a growing sense of empowerment as more people express themselves through investing.

Further considerations that arcinvest account for when determining whether an investment may be classified as ethical include:

  • Alignment of company decisions with long-term interests of shareholders, customers and staff
  • Consideration of long-term goals in addition to immediate profits
  • Fair and ethical staff treatment and working conditions
  • Ethical and honest manner of service offerings