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Growing up in Home Hill, a small country town in North Queensland, being a part of ‘the community’ was something I was very much familiar with. The notion that everyone knew everyone, or knew of everyone, is a distinct experience that is difficult to replicate in larger cities.

In 2014 I moved to Brisbane, and to a whole different experience.

I have learned, however, that community still exists in the city, but often in different forms.


Throughout my time in the city, I have joined communities in other ways through volunteering and donating my time.

The benefits gained from this have been invaluable.

Volunteering allows you to meet people from all walks of life, and helps you build and develop strong personal and professional relationships with the community. You can get a sense of what the community around you is feeling and have a greater awareness of what is going on.  

My Community

My involvement in the local communities tends to be in the form of Treasurer due to my financial background.  

Often, I come across opportunities to help organisations with their governance and finance. For example, at my first meeting attending an RSL sub-branch, a small and traditional sub-branch with no pokies, I found out their previous Treasurer had suffered a bad accident several months ago and they have not had a Treasurer since. There was an opportunity to help here.

Some other organisations I participate in include the South-East Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, a Toastmasters Club as Treasurer, the Uniting Church’s Audit & Risk Committee as Chair, and manager of my son’s Rugby Team.

Cost-Benefits of Community Involvement

In taking on these responsibilities, whilst they do require time and dedication, I have gained invaluable knowledge, confidence and quality friendships that I would not have otherwise had.

It is a wonderful feeling being fortunate enough to be able to provide these services for the community.

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